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Preparing for the birth

Preparing for the birth.


Our aim is to help the expectant mother to have a comfortable pregnancy and a positive birth experience with minimum intervention. Vaginal births are certainly attainable and preferable even with SPD / PGP.

We make sure that the pelvis is balanced and all of its joints are freely moving, this is essential as it allows the pelvis to open fully during labour therefore creating more space for the baby to pass through, reducing trauma to the baby and dramatically reducing labour times and recovery times.

Advice during labour;

• Let waters break naturally – this suggests the baby is in position.

• Birthing positions; avoid lying on your back. This causes a lot of pressure on the pubic symphysis as it doesn’t allow the sacrum and coccyx to move backwards.

• Listen to your body. Lye on your side, stand, kneel on all fours, use partners support, cushions or a ball. It is important to be in these positions for the crowning of the head and birth of the shoulders.

• Make sure the attendant is familiar with SPD and the need to minimize leg separation.

• No stirrups

• Epidurals may lead to more damage as the pain is masked so the legs may be spread too much without you knowing.

• Don’t pull knees back too far

• Try to avoid an interventionist birth i.e. forceps / ventouse.