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A mother’s pelvis is traumatised by the birthing process. Ligaments are stretched, muscles may be torn, the pubic symphysis and sacroiliac joints will have separated, and sometimes remain separated. Not only that, there is a new stress placed on the body with caring for a baby, carrying, changing, feeding positions all add to the strain.

As long as the woman hasn’t been mishandled during the birth causing the pubic symphysis to separate, pubic pain often reduces after the birth and can go away on it’s own. However if there is an unresolved mechanical imbalance within the spine or pelvis long term pain usually ensues.

The massive adaptations the body had to make over the 9 months whilst pregnant have all of a sudden changed! Your spinal curves and certain muscle groups that have had to shorten / lengthen or tighten will not and cannot suddenly reverse. Osteopathic treatment helps to re-establishing normal structural alignment, therefore aiding faster recovery.

Unresolved childbirth stresses and strains in women can lead to stress incontinence / chronic back pain / pelvic girdle pain / constipation / headaches / period problems / difficulty conceiving another child if the body is out of balance.

Osteopathy can help the mother to recover and return to normal, by releasing tensions and strains from the pregnancy and labour so that she is free to enjoy her new baby.